last night I had a dream

It started out as me and a friend going to dinner at an outdoor bistro, she decided to stand in line, a very long line surrounded by people with 15 foot sandwiches, I warned her to move aside before someone became upset and threw a grilled onion at her, but she ignored me and then someone threw a grilled onion at her.

We then went to some tables and decided to snack on some chicken-waffle tacos while we waited to pay. After I had eaten a chicken waffle taco and all of it’s maple syrup goodness I went to go pay and get us some drinks. I made a chicken waffle taco for the wait and walked over, and the cast of the jersey shore was now in charge of the restaurant.

The Situation challenged me to a chicken waffle taco eating contest which I won and surprised everyone.

I went to get a coke, but cokes where only for the interns, so I got a Gatorade for both of us (Gatorade and Chicken Waffle Tacos, weird).

After I paid, I never did get that Gatorade, but I went into the house which turned out to be the basement of my grandparents house down at the coast, which surprised me.

When I came outside I was talking to one of the owners about the difficulties of running a restaurant down at Holiday Beach, that every restaurant that had been there had closed, when the owner pointed out a new constellation in the sky.

I looked and it was a giant metallic eye in the sky, I ran to get my camera to photograph this amazing new constellation, and as I ran I could hear a metallic shutter behind me as if someone was taking pictures. As I was running I could see the constellation more clearly and it turned out to be a cross between a dolphin and the capitol city mascot from the Simpsons, with its horn like nose. Only it should have been pink. I new it needed to be pink.

I went inside and grabbed my camera, but when I came out the sun had risen and the milky way galaxy was no more for now.

I set on the steps and watched the water pour in over the destroyed foundation on the plot that used to be our neighbors house down at the cost.

and then i woke up.